Working with Us

Apollo is one of the most integrated healthcare delivery organizations in the world, incorporating hospitals, birthing centers, polyclinics, various diagnostic facilities, dentistry, pharmacies, and many others. The team of AHLL and Apollo Clinic network includes more than 5,000 doctors, paramedical, clinical and other staff, as well as numerous management and marketing professionals across the country and abroad.

The talent and passion of our people is critical to our success and we foster this through an exhilarating working environment to inspire lateral thinking, foster team spirit and encourage open communication. Teamwork and professionalism keep us focused on clinical excellence and customer satisfaction in the pursuit of our common goal towards continuous medical innovation and progress. This makes Apollo Clinics an ideal environment for committed individuals to explore new frontiers.

If you are looking to work with a truly global organization, with cultural diversity and an international team, Apollo is where you should be.

Clinic Open Positions

S.No Position Location Experience Category
1 Centre Manager Jubilee Hills - Hyderabad 6-8 years Clinics
2 Centre Manager Chennai 6-8 years Clinics
3 Centre Manager Pune 6-8 years Clinics
4 Dietician Karnataka 2-5 years Clinics
5 Dietician Chennai 2-5 years Clinics
6 Dietician Pune 2-5 years Clinics
7 Dietician Andhra Pradesh 2-5 years Clinics
8 Phlebotomist Karnataka 2-3 years Clinics
9 Phlebotomist Pune 2-3 years Clinics
10 Phlebotomist Chennai 2-3 years Clinics
11 Homecollections Karnataka 2-3 years Clinics
12 Homecollections Pune 2-3 years Clinics
13 Homecollections Chennai 2-3 years Clinics


Corporate Positions

S.No Position Location Experience Category
1 Corporate Relation Manager Chennai 7-10 years Corporate Sales
2 Corporate Relation Manager Bangalore 7-10 years Corporate Sales
3 Manager - Dr Recruitments Bangalore - Apollo Cradle
4 Construction Manager Hyderabad 10-12 years Projects
5 Real Estate Manager Hyderabad 7-8 years Projects
6 Senior Manager - Sales Bangalore 10 - 12 years Diagnostics
7 Senior Manager - Sales Chennai 10 - 12 years Diagnostics
8 Regional Manager Chennai 10 - 12 years Sales
9 Manager - Digital Marketing Hyderabad 7 - 10 years Marketing
10 Brand Manager - Marketing Hyderabad 6 - 8 years Diagnostics
11 Assistant Manager - HR Bangalore 3 - 5 years HR
12 Manager MEP Hyderabad 7 - 10 years Projects

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