The more you transact across our network of services, the more you stand to earn. Every transaction gets you Apollo Hearts as reward points, which you can redeem over the period of two years from the date of earning them. Earned Apollo Hearts will get credited from the midnight of the day of the transaction and they will be available for redemption the very next day.

Here's our list of services where you can Earn Apollo Hearts:
  • Consultation

  • Diagnostics

  • Health checks

  • Dentistry

  • Sugar Management

  • Treatment room

  • Doorstep Sample Collection

  • Win more on different services


    You earn


    5 Apollo hearts

    Pathology tests /Diagnostic tests

    4 Apollo hearts


    3 Apollo hearts

    Retail Health Checks

    2 Apollo hearts

    Other services

    1 Apollo hearts

  • You win 25 Apollo hearts as bonus on your consultation with Apollo Family Physician

  • You also win Apollo Hearts on you interactions with us


    You earn

    Feedback survey completion

    25 Apollo hearts

    Sign up for Newsletter

    25 Apollo hearts