Apollo Family Care is a rewards program from Apollo Health & Lifestyle which helps you earn Apollo Hearts (reward Points) on your everyday healthcare needs, and a host of other benefits which can be redeemed against carefully-selected reward options.

This is not a prepaid program. It's a pure loyalty program with rewards and recognition aimed at rewarding good health and promoting preventive health for you and your family.

The new program comes to effect from 15th August, 2014 onwards. This will be simultaneously available in all participating* (owned) Apollo clinics across India.
The program will be gradually expanded to other Apollo healthcare facilities in a phased manner

The rewards points accruing from availing Clinic services and interactions are called "Apollo Hearts"

You can earn Apollo Hearts for most services that can be availed inside the Apollo Clinic. Every 100 rupees spent will earn 1 Apollo Heart. The following table explains the point accruals from different services:
Apollo Hearts Eligibility
Imaging Diagnostics
5 Apollo Hearts for every 100 rupees
Laboratory Diagnostics
4 Apollo Hearts for every 100 rupees
3 Apollo Hearts for every 100 rupees
2 Apollo Hearts for every 100 rupees
All other services
1 Apollo Hearts for every 100 rupees

The Apollo Hearts earned for the current transaction will be added to your account by end of the day

No. There are no charges for joining the program.

You will start earning Apollo Hearts from 15th August only. Previous services will not attract any Apollo Hearts

Any Apollo Clinic customer (existing and new) will be eligible to be a part of the program. Eligibility criterion will be reviewed from time to time.

The program is open for all existing and new customers of Apollo clinics.

We will be extending the program to other centers in due course. You will be informed about the same on your registered email id or mobile number with us. The details will also be published on our website.

You can register for the program once you have a valid Unique Health ID (UHID) with us. Everyone with a valid UHID can register by either walking to your nearest clinic and/or by visiting our website and logging with your UHID and mobilenumber or by downloading our mobile app on ITunes or Android.
You can register with your name, mobile number, UHID, email address, gender and DOB

Yes!! All existing customers with a valid mobile number registered with us will be receiving the link for registration on their mobile phones. If you do not receive the same and if you have valid UHID with you, you simply need to walkin to the nearest Apollo clinic and ask the Clinic staff for your UHID or you can quickly register at the clinic as well

By registering for the program you will be able to see all your loyalty related information, will get periodic updates to keep yourself and your family healthy and also enjoy a host of benefits from Apollo and Non-Apollo partners

Yes. Currently all valid UHIDs will need to register separately with us. The mobile number can be same for all the account or different for all accounts.

No, this is currently not possible.
However very soon we will give you the flexibility to connect all the accounts together and enjoy earn and redeem together as a 'Family'.

Please visit the Loyalty Website and register for the program. The details for registering are given on the site including creating a username and password.

Click the 'forgot password' link on the website. You will be asked to enter your Mobile number and UHID. A new password will be sent out to your loyalty email address.

You can view your points balance by logging into your account on the loyalty website or your account on the mobile app. You will also receive your updated points balance at the time of the transaction.

Yes, the points earned on any transaction which is subsequently cancelled or reversed, will be deducted back from your account.