The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs from the lower back down through each leg. Sciatica pain arises due to irritation, compression, and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The pattern of pain usually starts from the lower back and then extends towards thigh and leg.

For many people, sciatica pain is miserably unbearable as it can induce numbness, tingling, and weakness in the affected leg and a sudden shooting pain that causes difficulty while standing and sitting.

To name a few, the underlying causes of Sciatica pain includes herniated or slipped disc, a spinal injury or infection, pregnancy, etc.

Dr. Sheshanna, Orthopedician, Apollo clinic Chandanagar, Hyderabad explains that the various conventional treatments available for sciatica may only ease the pain temporarily. Other than this, the steroid injections might land you in difficulty as they have the potential to cause serious side effects. So, natural therapies are a boon to the patients of sciatica pain. So here are some home remedies and natural therapies that can be used to get rid of shooting pain of sciatica are:


Fenugreek seeds can help in minimizing sciatica pain because of anti-inflammatory properties. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, Strain the water in the morning, and drink it early in the morning to relieve pain.


Garlic can also help relieve sciatica pain. You can consume it in a raw or cooked form. Also, you can add four cloves of garlic to boiling milk and drink it.

Nutmeg Powder

Roast some nutmeg powder in a tablespoon of gingelly oil. Cool the mixture and then apply it onto the affected areas.

Mustard Oil

Add 3-4 cloves to boiling mustard oil. Allow the oil to cool down and then massage it onto the affected area.

Potato Juice

Mix the potato juice with carrot juice and drink it two times a day. It will reduce the irritation of the sciatic nerve and ease the movement of the leg.


Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that assists in reducing nerve pain and inflammation. Use turmeric in cooking, or apply it topically in a paste form for the best benefits or add one tsp of turmeric in a cup of milk and consume it daily.

Cold or hot packs

Use cold packs or hot packs to get relief from pain.


In addition to rest, a regular physical exercise is highly beneficial to get rid of sciatica pain. A regular exercise program also helps to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. Strengthening the core muscles facilitate quick recovery from pain.

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