Heart2Heart Programme

The Heart2Heart programme is part of Apollo's Let's talk Health - an initiative that will come to your homes, your neighbourhood, your workplace, schools, recreation centres and persuade you to think about wellness and your well being. Apollo's 'Let's talk Health' will introduce accessible and interactive forums in which our doctors will talk to you about wellness practices, teach you about dealing with medical emergencies, guide you to manage diseases, empower you information about contemporary medical advancements and a lot more.

Take this test to know your Heart Health for the next Ten years and receive your score by email along with a discount coupon for the Apollo Heart Check at Apollo Clinic.

Male under 40
Male above 40 or older
Female and have not gone through menopause
Female and have gone through menopause

19 to 24
30 or higher

More than 30 minutes on most days of the week
Up to 30 minutes on most days of the week
Very little

3mmol/L or below
4-5 mmol/L
Above 5 mmol/L

Below 120/80
Between 121/81 and 139/89
30 or higher

Never smoked
Quit more than 3 years ago
I don't smoke but live with people who do
Currently smoke


No family history of early heart attacks
Mother / sister had a heart attack before 65
Father / brother had a heart attack before 65
Yes, I would like to receive offers from Apollo Clinics.

Thank you for providing us with your details. You will receive an email with your results shortly.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to stay Heart Healthy!
  • From Fat To Fit
    Replacing just 5 per cent of saturated fat with unsaturated FAT can reduce your risk of heart attack by 40 per cent.
  • A Second Chance
    The good news is that even if you are a long term smoker, you can substantially cut your risk of heart disease by stopping TODAY.
  • The 90 Min Advantage
    A Harvard University study showed that women who walked for 90 minutes a week lowered their risk of heart disease by 51% as compared to women who rarely walk.
  • Friendly FAT
    Not all fat is bad for your heart. Many foods banished from a healthy diet are back on the menu. The secret is in eating smart.
  • Skim Over Cholesterol
    Drinking skimmed milk is quick way to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Get A Move On
    The heart is a muscular organ and all muscles need regular work outs - Exercise is great for the heart.
  • Happy Heart
    Feeling stressed out? Yoga can be the answer. Stress hormones do affect the heart.
  • War Of The Waist Line
    Shedding the excess kilos can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and cut your chances of a heart attack or stroke.