Step Into The World of Premium Healthcare

Apollo One stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare. It's the culmination of decades of expertise, offering a luxurious healthcare experience with state-of-the-art facilities.

The Apollo One Experience

At Apollo, we're dedicated, to ensuring your healthcare experience is both convenient and comfortable. Introducing Apollo One-an exclusive OPD experience crafted to provide top-tier comfort and premium service. This unique offering streamlines your experience, minimising travel between areas and integrating cutting-edge technology to simplify paperwork.

Apollo One is a unique experience designed to put you first


Individualized Health Check Program

ProHealth is an individualised health check program, crafted by expert doctors and Al to capture your complete health status, predict risks and guide you on a path to wellness.


Redefining Health Centre Experience

A premium space for a top-notch medical care giving an elevated and comfortable experience. Walk into a luxury that has an atmosphere of opulence and tranquillity unlike any other healthcare centre.


Tailored 180-minute Screening Program

Experience a tailored 180-minute screening program engineered for swift and efficient results. Designed with a focus on rapid turnaround time, this comprehensive assessment ensures minimal disruption to your schedule while maximizing the depth of insights gained.


Expert opinions you can trust

Our doctors provide you with an objective diagnosis based on our AI-enhanced screening tests.


Reports that are easy to understand

Al to capture your complete health status, predict risks and guide you on a path to wellness. You receive a comprehensive yet easy to decipher health report.


Excellent post-screening support

Our dedicated team is there to guide you at every step and help you complete the cycle of care.

The One Advantage

Apollo One was founded to make the most of your valuable time and make your visits as comfortable and seamless as possible. From day care rooms, premium waiting lounges, concierge services, café, and valet parking, we have everything you need to get the best care possible.

Apollo ProHealth Programs Available

These have a standard set of diagnostic test and consults, and are offered with premium concierge service

  • Standard ProHealth
  • ProHealth Platinum program
  • ProHeath Future program
  • ProHealth Zen

Advanced Technology for Most Advanced Care

With specialized Centres of Excellence in an exclusive setting, equipped with the latest medical technology, Apollo One brings you our most advanced care, effortlessly and with exceptional personalization, so you get the best care tailor made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've built several AI-based predictive risk scores that will be included in your ProHealth report – the cardiac score predicts your chance of having a heart event within 10 years, the pre-diabetes score predicts your chance of being diagnosed with pre-diabetes within 3 years, etc. These scores bring you up to speed on the A-Z of your health and help you take the right actions.

The package has been specially curated by the doctors to include exactly the tests you need for a proper analysis of your health—no more & no less.

Simply, fill all the required details on booking form. Our team will call you to assist further.

It is always best to keep an eye on your health. Apollo Clinic brings doctor-curated packages those can provide you with valuable insight on what is affecting your body.

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