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Why should I get this test done when I feel just fine?

Every 14 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. In many cases, breast cancer can be asymptomatic.

There’s nothing to be scared of in breast screenings because our screening results detect breast cancer at an early stage, making breast cancer treatments highly effective, thus saving lives.

Avail the Comprehensive Breast Health Screening Solution at Rs 999/-

Scared to take the breast screening test?

Here are 8 reasons why you should get the Niramai breast screening test right away:

Early Detection

High Accuracy

Privacy sensitive

Works for womenof all ages


No side effects

Rapid test and quick results

Monitor Patients

Let your awareness be bigger than your fear.

How big is breast cancer in India? Should we be worried?

Risk factors of Breast Cancer. How does Niramai help?

Niramai is the most awarded, deep-tech company well known for its novel AI-based, clinically proven Breast Health screening solution called Thermalytix™ or Thermalytix

Breast Health Test in the privacy and comfort of your home. Get yourself screened today!