Tummy cramps are often referred to the pain that is observed in stomach and abdomen regions of the body. The pain associated with tummy cramps does not last long but can be managed if treated promptly. Here, we have come up to discuss the causes and tips to ease cramps in the tummy.

What causes tummy cramps?

Tummy cramps is usually not a serious condition. However, the potential causes of tummy cramps may vary from mild food poisoning to severe inflammatory bowel’s disease. Most common causes of tummy cramps are bloating and indigestion.

Tummy cramps can also occur due to different conditions related to the organs that are close to your tummy including kidneys, spleen, appendix, and aorta. The location or source of pain is a significant clue to find out the underlying cause of tummy cramps.

In women, tummy cramps are very common during their menstrual period. Tummy cramps during early pregnancy are relatively common, but it is a concern that needs medical attention immediately. Besides, exercises may often alleviate such cramps.

Home care tips to treat common tummy cramps:

  • Drink plenty of water often
  • Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Choose the diet high in fiber.
  • Avoid solid food and dairy products for the first few hours.
  • Limit foods that create gas in your stomach. Avoid spicy food that fills your belly with gas.
  • Do not lift heavy weights and avoid stressful exercises for few days to relax cramps.
  • Fresh mint tea, ginger root tea, chamomile tea, warm lemon water and rice water (water left over after you cook rice) can help to relax your stomach muscles during cramps.
  • Tummy cramps due to menstruation can be treated with painkillers.

When to seek medical help?

If you feel the pain and discomfort due to tummy cramps which are uncertain to identify or treat, then you should seek doctor’s advice and get medical testing as well as proper treatment.

Dr. Shesha Sainadh, Gastroeterologist at Apollo clinic Chandanagar, Hyderabad suggests that symptoms occurring with tummy cramps like fever, nausea, chest pain, backache, diarrhea, cough, vomiting, pain lasting for several hours and days, difficulty breathing, painful urination, and constipation can be due to serious underlying conditions. One must seek medical help immediately in such cases.

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