The pandemic that started early this year, is still in existance. The lockdown is also on, though various cities are relaxing the rules. We all feel that it’s high time we got back to our normal routines. But … wait. Keep your guard up, and stay alert. Remember the DMS steps to safety




Different countries around the world have put down different sets of guidelines and protocols for citizens to adhere to. In India, the curve is still to show signs of flattening, so we need to remember that though the lockdown is easing out, the virus is still lurking.

As far as possible, work from home. Follow the D-M-S (Distance – Mask – sanitize) steps when you go out. That also means, avoiding crowded places like markets for too long. At work, check with the management about hygiene and sanitization, and follow a system where common areas like the canteen and washroom are sanitized every hour. Keep a set of tissues and sanitizer handy at each desk.

Avoid sitting too close or face to face in groups, at mealtimes. This might seem odd initially, but the long term benefits far outweigh the awkwardness you feel now.

At home, keep up your routines of steam inhalation and drinking immunity booster herbal teas. As the season changes, these are helpful.

If there are senior citizens, pregnant women or patients in the family, put their well-being first, by offering to do their outside chores. In case anyone needs to visit the doc, look for Covid-free clinics, which ensure a near-zero infection transfer rate.

Whether it’s the office, mall or movie theater, put your personal safety as priority.

Another thing we should know is that though a new virus is around, the older viruses, fevers, infections or flu have not disappeared.  They will continue to make an appearance every now and then.  You and your family can now get a flu vaccine to be protected against these season related fevers, especially if there are patients or vulnerable senior citizens.

We all need to win this together

For more info on seasonal flu vaccines , contact : 1-860-500-7788

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