An eye cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens. Normally, what happens to cure an eye cataract is that a cataract surgery is performed. A cataract surgery may not be the most painful or strenuous surgery, which is why it is done on an outpatient basis. Even though it is not the most debilitating surgery, there are certain steps, which can be taken to help ease the recovery after a cataract surgery. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not put pressure on your eye

This is important because pressure on your eye can cause a lot more pain than you should have to bear. While this is not essential, it can prevent a lot of pain for you. Some steps you could take to avoid this include not doing activities such as heavy lifting, which strains both your body and your eye. Even walking around should be reduced as this will strain your eyes.

  1. Do not expose your eye

Your eye is very sensitive at the moment as the new lens is getting attached to your eye. If dust, grime or even wind come in contact with your eye, then it is possible that the new lens will not attach properly. Thus, it is absolutely pivotal that you do not allow your eye to be exposed. You will also face a lot of pain if you expose your eye to such objects.

  1. Do not rub your eye

This would be disastrous. Your new lens is actually on the surface of the eye. If you rub your eye, then your lens will be dislocated and the cataract surgery will have failed. Your vision will remain blurry and your pain will not reduce either. Rather, it will increase.

  1. Wear an eye guard if necessary

An eye guard not only protects your eyes from dust, grime and other problem, but it will also prevent you from damaging your cataract after the surgery. This is a great way to prevent many problems and you should do this if you even think you are going to rub your eyes.

  1. Take painkillers

Despite not being the most painful surgery, a cataract surgery is still quite painful. To decrease this problem you should take painkillers prescribed by your doctor so that you do not have to bear that much pain.

  1. Meet with your ophthalmologist

An eye doctor is called an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is an eye specialist and will know what to do better than others. Therefore, it is crucial that you meet with him and keep taking his advice. This will prevent any complications and you will also have a lot of your stress relieved. Do not worry about bothering your ophthalmologist as they are just there to help.

  1. Do not swim or come in contact with water

This greatly reduces your chances of an infection. In fact, water is perhaps the only way that you will get an infection, so make sure you do not come into contact with water. In fact, wear an eye guard during showers as well.

Finally, do stay in contact and listen to your ophthalmologist as he knows best.

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