Gynaecology And Obstetrics

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Gynaecology And Obstetrics

Gynaecology and Obstetrics is concerned with the care of expecting mother, her unborn child and the management of health conditions specific to women. A woman’s life is marked by profound physical and psychological processes, beginning with menstruation and ending with menopause. Apollo Clinic cares for women and provides comprehensive health care services for every stage in a life of a woman- from teenage to postmenopause years. Our services include diagnosis for conditions, contraception counselling, family planning and routine well-woman care including prevention and educational services.

Obstetrics - provide care for women before, during and after pregnancy.

Gynaecology - provide prevention, diagnosis and treatment of issues related to female reproductive organs.

Our doctors collaborate to offer a multidisciplinary health care approach that not only incorporates top-notch technology, but is also thoughtful and compassionate. We make sure your concerns are heard, understood and treated efficiently.

Common procedure/interventions include, but are not limited to:

  • Gynaecological emergencies, including pain, haemorrhage and infection
  • Gynaecological problems in organ transplant patients
  • Infertility and endocrine issues
  • Pelvic tumours
  • Managing the symptoms of Menopause
  • Management of the abnormal Pap smear
  • Vaginal Surgery including hysterectomy and prolapse surgery
  • Endometriosis and other causes of chronic pelvic pain
  • Menstrual dysfunction
  • Midwifery services
  • High-risk obstetrics


Most women do not seek consultation for gynaecological problems, which can adversely affect the ability to produce children or in some severe cases may threaten lives too. So, do not ignore any unusual symptoms related to the reproductive system. If you are suffering from a health condition that could affect the development of a child, you are encouraged to visit a doctor soon after you discover you are pregnant. Early diagnosis helps in the effective treatment and a better prognosis.


With branches across India, Apollo Clinic is one of India’s largest and most comprehensive medical centre. We provide world-class care with the latest state-of-art technologies, an extraordinary team of individuals, the latest diagnostic tools and therapies provided in a warm and comforting environment.

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