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Dressings / Plaster

A dressing/plaster help stop bleeding by putting pressure on the wound and also prevent a wound from catching an infection. The process of dressing or plastering require a certain amount of expertise, thus it is advisable to get the dressing done from a professional practitioner. At Apollo Clinic, we understand the importance of medical treatment for injuries and wounds, and therefore, provide our patients with supreme treatment.

Dressing- A sterile pad which is applied to a wound. It helps promote healing and prevents the wound from catching infections.

Orthopaedic cast or Plaster- A shell made from plaster or fiberglass which is applied on the affected area, mostly fractured bones. It helps stabilise and hold the structures until they are healed. At Apollo Clinic, we aim at providing the best treatment to those injured. With the application of dressing/plaster, we ensure-

  • Complete protection from infection
  • Absorption of exudate
  • Immobilising of the fractured part of the body, to allow the two parts of the affected bones to heal in the right position.
  • Ease from pain

At Apollo Clinic, we provide our patients with world-class services and facilities in treating injuries and wounds. With the most well-equipped treatment rooms, we assure a hygienic treatment and healthy a hygienic treatment and healthy recovery.

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