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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal decay is the result of prolonged neglect of dental and oral health issues. If left untreated for longer periods of time, root canal decay might lead to severe consequences like airway blockage which might prove to be fatal.

What is a Root Canal treatment?

A Root canal treatment is a procedure that helps repair and restores the health of a severely infected and damaged tooth, without having to remove the tooth from the jaw completely.

During a root canal procedure, the following steps are followed:

  • The nerve and the pulp under the infected tooth are first removed.
  • The inner portion of the tooth is then cleaned in order to prevent infections at the same site in the future.
  • A tooth cap is then placed at the infected site in order to let it heal.


The procedure has been refined over the years to make it quick and painless, with the use of modern technology and advances in the field of dental anaesthetics.


Advantages of getting a root canal treatment

  • A Root canal treatment helps salvage your infected tooth, as without getting a root canal procedure, the infected tooth might have to be removed.
  • A root canal treatment helps save the infected tooth and reinstate its proper functioning.
  • It relieves the patient from the pain caused by the infected tooth, by removing the pulp caught between the infected tooth and the gum tissue.
  • A lot of changes might occur inside the teeth palate if tooth extraction is performed, most noticeably teeth drift and shift. This is prevented if a root canal treatment is opted for, instead of a tooth extraction.


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