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X - Ray

Identifying health problems at an early stage and starting treatment at the right time helps nip them in the bud, long before they start adversely affecting the health of an individual. An X-ray scan plays a very vital role in identifying and looking for abnormalities in the internal organs of the body. We, at Apollo Clinic, understand the importance of the early detection of diseases and injuries, and therefore, offer you top-notch X-ray services aimed at giving you the most accurate results.

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a soft, low-intensity electromagnetic radiation that is used for medical imaging. An x-ray scan is a quick and painless procedure used to form images of the internal body structures on a film, making them easier to examine. It is a highly effective method to- Study an area where you are experiencing discomfort Check how prescribed treatment is working Determine the progression of a diagnosed disease Conditions that may require an x-ray include-

  • tooth decay
  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • infections
  • fractures
  • digestive problems
  • conditions affecting your lungs
  • blocked blood vessels
  • enlarged heart
  • breast tumors
  • bone cancer

How is an X-ray performed?

An x-ray is a relatively simple procedure. A technologist first positions your body on a platform in such a way as to obtain optimally clear views of the area to be x-rayed. It is advisable to remain as still as possible during an x-ray so as to prevent the image from blurring. Once the technician has obtained satisfactory images of the targeted area, the test is understood to be over and you are free to go. It is as simple as that!

How can I prepare for an X-ray?

There are no specific preparations required before undergoing an x-ray procedure. During the procedure, you are generally expected to undress the part that needs to be x-rayed and put on a clinic provided gown during the screening process. Remember to get rid of any items of jewellery, belts, sunglasses or any other metal items that might affect the results of the x-ray.

Apollo Support

At Apollo Clinic, we understand the importance of early and correct diagnosis of a health issue before it starts affecting the health of an individual. Therefore, we offer you both, invasive and non-invasive x-ray services, with state of the art technology and a highly competent team of doctors, technicians and nurses in order to take care of every need.

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