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Placement of crowns on teeth is one of the most common procedures in dentistry. At Apollo Clinic, we provide superior quality dental crowns in a variety of materials. Our highly experienced senior dentists make use of cutting-edge equipment to perform dental crown procedures on patients of all ages.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped ‘cap’ that is used to cover a tooth. It is generally used to revive the strength, size and shape of the tooth, and also helps in improving the appearance of your natural teeth as well as in brightening your smile.

Need for a Dental crown

A dental crown procedure may be required in the following situations :

  • Post root canal treatment
  • In order to act as an anchor for a bridge replacing a missing tooth
  • In order to give a good aesthetic appearance to a dental implant
  • In order to cover discoloured or worn out teeth
  • To support a large filling
  • In order to prevent further cracking or fracturing of a tooth

Procedure followed

The following procedure is followed in a crowning treatment :

  • The tooth to be crowned is first filed and reduced in size in order to make it suitable for crowning
  • Once the tooth is reduced in size, a tooth impression is taken in order to fashion a proper fitting mould for the tooth
  • Using this tooth impression, our expert dentists at Apollo Clinic get to work and prepare a mould that is best suited for you
  • Until the permanent crown is ready, a temporary one is fit onto your tooth so as to serve the purpose until the permanent crown is ready.
  • Once the permanent crown is ready, it is fit into place over the targeted tooth and voilà! You’re done!

How can we help?

At Apollo Clinic, our dentists not only perform the dental crowning procedure in the quickest, most hassle-free manner and with utmost care for your comfort, but also offer moulds in a variety of materials, so as to best suit your needs.

These include the following :

  • Stainless Steel: Generally used as temporary measures, stainless steel crowns help protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready
  • Resin: Resin crowns are more affordable than crowns made up of other materials. However, they generally wear out easily.
  • Various Metals: We also offer crowns made up of precious metal alloys such as gold, palladium, nickel or chromium. These have the added advantage of suffering from very little wear and tear.
  • Porcelain fused metal: Aesthetically, these look like normal teeth. However, they are more prone to breaking and/or tearing. They are ideal for front or back tooth crowns.
  • All-ceramic or all-porcelain: All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns provide a more natural looking solution to the problem. These crowns do not need an impression, neither do they require a temporary crown to hold the fort.
  • Zirconia or milled: These are digitally constructed using specific software and hardware and can be created in a single visit. These crowns do not need any impression, and there is no need for a temporary crown.

Apollo Support

At Apollo Clinic, we are one of the few facilities in the country that possess the expertise, infrastructure and facilities to provide crowns in a single sitting, by making use of CAD/CAM technology.

Our team of distinguished and highly trained dentists ensure that you get the best possible treatment in the most comfortable way.

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