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Surgical suture or Stitches are loops of string used by a doctor to sew together the two sides of a cut. While a minor cut or scrape may just require a Band-Aid and some care, a deep cut or a cut that won't stop bleeding calls for stitches. One may get stitches if he/she undergoes a surgery.

At Apollo clinic, our skilled staff ensures an easy, careful and comfortable suturing process for injuries and surgeries.

Cases in which surgical suture is required-

  • It's not always easy to tell if a cut requires stitches. At Apollo Clinic, our experienced staff analyse the following factors to determine whether you require stitches/ suture or not.
  •  If the injury is a result of a foreign object cutting the area.
  •  If the injury was caused by a contaminated, dirty or a rusty object.
  •  If the injury is due to a powerful impact from a penetrating object such as a bullet.
  • If the injury is profusely bleeding and the flow of blood refuses to slow down.
  •  If the injury is located in a delicate area, such as- the face, neck, genital area.
  •  If the wound is deep enough to expose the yellow subcutaneous fatty tissues or the dermis.
  •  If the injury is located across a joint.
  •  If the wound is gaping open, such that you can’t use gentle pressure to press or hold the edges together.
  • If the wound is caused due to an animal or human bite. Here, you may need a tetanus booster shot, stitches as well as oral antibiotics.

At Apollo clinic, the staff carefully examines the above-mentioned factors and the patient's health history to decide whether the benefit of repairing the wound outweighs the potential risk of complications- mainly infections.

Following the procedure, the staff provides thorough guidance on how to care for the wound. With the best doctors and treatment rooms that are made available for you, we assure a hygienic treatment and a healthy recovery process.

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