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Quick Check Child

Most parents are aware of basic tips of keeping children healthy related to food, sleep and exercise. However, regular checkups are extremely important to prevent health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure. At Apollo Clinic, we offer numerous health screening packages to suit the needs of children. Apollo’s Quick Check Child is one such package that is a comprehensive package to screen for major health conditions affecting children and includes the following tests:

Blood Group  – This test is done to determine your blood type. No special preparation is needed for this test. A sample of your blood will be drawn and tested. Your blood type will be determined on the basis of antigens your red blood cells have on the surface and Rh factor.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) – This test is used to screen for overall health and can help diagnose a wide range of conditions from anaemia to cancer. No specific preparation is required for this test. A sample of your blood will be drawn and tested. Test results will indicate various cell counts such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Depending on the range of cell counts, various conditions such as heart disease, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorders, autoimmune disorders, and deficiencies of minerals or vitamins can be diagnosed.

Urine Analysis - This test is a combination of physical, chemical and microscopic tests.  These tests help to identify and measure various substances in the urine, such as by-products of normal and abnormal metabolism, cellular fragments, bacteria, cells such as bilirubin, protein, glucose, crystals. This test is a great screening tool that helps identify several disorders in their early stage. There is no special preparation required for this test; you just need to provide a sample of your urine.       

Stool Routine – A series of tests may be conducted on a stool sample to check for certain conditions affecting your digestive track. A sample of your stool will have to provide. Depending on various parameters, your stool will be analysed. Abnormal values of test results could indicate conditions related to the digestive tract.          

Additionally, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), Mantoux Test and Chest X-ray may also be conducted. At Apollo Clinic, we follow stringent protocols to ensure that all samples and test results are collected and handled with utmost professionalism.

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