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Imaging Services


The role of diagnostic imaging in our life cannot be stressed enough. Numerous health issues and other conditions require an accurate diagnosis for which, certain imaging tests are necessary. These tests help the doctor to come to look inside your body for clues about certain medical conditions. We, at Apollo Clinic, understand that illnesses and injuries are uncertain and therefore, are committed to supporting, protecting and providing you with the best diagnosis and treatment possible.

What are Imaging Services?

Imaging Services are a broad category which includes several tests that deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatments of diseases that are related to the internal organs or parts of the body. At Apollo Clinic, we offer you various imaging services that a play a significant role in diagnosing your health conditions. With a team of professional radiologists, we aim to provide the best results with the use of the latest technology, in an environment that is designed keeping in mind patient care, privacy and comfort. 

The imaging services offered by Apollo Clinic include a broad range of tests that aim to reveal the internal structure of the body, which is usually hidden by the bones or skin. These tests also help identify various abnormalities in individuals. The imaging department provides services with innovative treatment options and equipment for effective diagnostic imaging solutions. Working in collaboration with skilled nurses and technologists, our imaging department offers excellent support for every other department. 

With the use of latest and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Apollo Clinic offers various imaging services which include:

2D Echo: 2D Echo or 2D echocardiogram is a procedure that provides a perfect picture of the heart’s movement, including the chambers and valves. With high-frequency sound waves, this helps in detecting the precise movement and shape of the heart. This test is performed for various reasons such as identifying the abnormal heart valves, to check for any congenital heart disease, to detect any abnormal rhythms in heart, and more.
Ultrasound: This is a scanning technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create pictures of the structures in the body. Also known as medical sonography, this test is recommended to assess breast lumps, to diagnose infections, cancer, gallbladder diseases, and more.  

X-RAY: One of the most common imaging tests, an X-ray is usually taken to create images of the structures inside the body, which mostly include the bones and chest. This test is painless and helps in detecting irregularities which may not be detected during a physical examination. It is usually conducted by a professional radiology technologist who is also called a radiographer.
Mammography: A mammography is conducted to identify or detect tumours or any other abnormalities in the breast. It is an x-ray of the breast and is highly regarded as the best method to detect breast cancer. It also offers accurate pictures of the various breast tissues.

Sonomammography: This non-invasive procedure, also known as breast ultrasound and is performed to assess the conditions breast. It offers a quick and easy visualisation of the various breast tissues.
DEXA: Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry or DEXA is a test that is performed to measure the bone density or strength. It is a useful test for Osteoporosis which is simple and non-invasive. 
At Apollo Clinic, we understand you and offer you the assistance you need. From diagnosis to diagnostic imaging and treatment for your condition, we promise to provide you with the best we can. With branches all across the country, you can be assured that Apollo’s imaging services will be there to support you at every stage in your life.

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