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If you have certain breathing problems, particularly asthma, your doctor may prescribe you a nebulization treatment, which involve the use of a nebuliser- a medical device that converts a liquid medicine into a mist, vapour or aerosol, such that it can be inhaled directly into the lungs or the air tubes.

At Apollo clinic, we understand the sensitivity of breathing-related issues and provide the best and comfortable mobilization treatment.

How nebulizers work?

Nebulisers use electricity to generate compressed air that converts the liquid form of medicine into vapours and have power lead, tubing, a compressor, and a plastic chamber into which the medicine is put. On turning it on, the aerosol is released that can be inhaled through the mask or the mouthpiece. The treatment rooms at Apollo clinic are equipped with supreme quality nebulizers and provide premier treatment for breathing issues.

Advantages of Nebulisers-

  • Useful for young children who cannot use other inhalation devices.
  • Useful for old people who cannot use inhalers.
  • Aid in an acute attack situation, especially for home self-use.
  • Provide a patient with the psychological support that effective help is available at hand.

At Apollo clinic, we are dedicated to providing the best nebulization treatment for our patients. Our focus is to ensure a quick recovery for all patients who come to our centre seeking help.

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