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Understanding Rashes:

A rash indicates that there is an abnormal change in your skin colour or texture. Rashes are, for the most part, caused by skin inflammation, which can be caused by a number of issues. There are different kinds of rashes that can be faced, the most common of which include eczema, granuloma annulare and lichen planus. Let’s look at the causes and treatment of these in a little more detail.

Understanding Eczema:

Eczema is a general term used to address a number of different conditions that can result in the skin becoming inflamed, red, scaly or itchy. Eczema is a common skin condition, and atopic eczema is one of the most common forms of Eczema. This condition can affect both adults and children and is not contagious.

Symptoms of Eczema:

While the appearance of Eczema can vary from case to case, the commonly faced symptoms of Atopic Eczema include:

  • Itchiness.
  • Redness of skin.
  • Dry, crusted skin, that may become thick and scaly if scratched for long periods of time.
  • Small, fluid-filled blisters which may start oozing on scratching.
  • Infection of the skin in areas where the surface has been broken.


Causes of Eczema:

While the exact cause of this condition is still unknown, the medical study has shown that Atopic Eczema often affects people from a family that has a history of allergies. There are a number of factors that can trigger a flare-up of this condition, which includes stress, skin irritants, allergens and climate/environment.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eczema:

Atopic Eczema is diagnosed by a doctor through a detailed analysis of the patient’s case history and symptoms, as well as an exam of the skin. Your doctor may also test an area of the scaly or crusted skin to ensure that no other skin disease or infection has arisen.

Atopic Eczema can be treated with medication, which can include over-the-counter variations, as well as prescription medication that contains the steroid Hydrocortisone. These products can help control the itching, swelling and redness caused by the condition. In severe cases, prescription-strength cortisone creams, pills and shots may also be used.

Other drugs that may be suggested to patients include antibiotics, to help treat infected skin as well as antihistamines, to help with the itching.

Understanding Granuloma Annulare:

Granuloma Annulare is a chronic skin condition that results in circular-shaped rashes with reddish bumps arising. This condition is often seen in children and young adults and has a tendency of affecting girls more often. The exact cause of this condition is currently unknown.

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Granuloma Annulare:

The most common sign of this condition is the formation of a ring of small, firm bumps over the backs of the patient’s forearms, hands or feet. In some cases, more than one ring may be noticed and can be mildly itchy. Once clear symptoms of this condition are seen, your doctor will confirm the diagnosis with the help of a skin biopsy.

In most cases, the treatment of Granuloma Annulare is for purely cosmetic reasons, as this condition is not a harmful, or contagious one. Depending on the case, your doctor may suggest steroid creams or ointments to help make the bumps disappear.

Understanding Lichen Planus:

Lichen Planus is a commonly faced skin disorder that results in the formation of shiny, flat-topped bumps that often have an angular shape as well as a reddish-purplish colour. While this disorder can affect any part of the skin, most patients see this on the insides of the wrists, ankles, the lower legs, the back or the neck. Thick collections of these bumps can also occur. This condition is most often seen in adults between the age of 30 to 70 and is not very common in the young or the elderly.

Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Lichen Planus:

Causes: The root cause of Lichen Planus is not yet known. Medical studies have indicated that this condition can be linked to Hepatitis C in certain cases. This rash can also be the result of an allergic reaction to certain kinds of medication used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease or arthritis.

Symptoms: The main symptom of this condition is the formation of shiny, flat-topped bumps, which are purple or reddish-purplish in colour. If this condition is observed on the scalp, it can lead to hair loss. Lichen Planus of the nails can cause the patient to suffer from brittle or split nails.

Diagnosis and Treatment: A doctor will be able to diagnose this condition by its distinctive appearance or by a skin biopsy. While there is no treatment procedure currently available to completely cure this condition, the symptoms of Lichen Planus can be treated with anti-itch products like antihistamines.

In cases where the rash is localized over a small area, your doctor may also suggest medicated creams that can be applied over the affected region. In certain cases, drugs such as steroid injections, prednisone or others can be used, which will help suppress the immune system and alleviate the symptoms.

The Apollo Clinic Experience:

No matter what the skin eruption or irritation, the expert dermatologists at Apollo Clinic are here to make sure that you get the best treatment. With experience by their side, they will ensure that your rash treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis, followed by timely advice on the kind of treatment procedure that may be needed.If you or anyone that you may know, are suffering from a rash that requires help, immediately get in touch with one of our experts.

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