Low Salt Diet

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Low Salt Diet

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To function properly, your body needs salt. Salt contains sodium which helps your body control many functions. However, too much sodium could affect your health, especially if you are prone to high blood pressure or heart disease. At Apollo Clinic, we have a team of qualified and registered nutritionists who will tailor a low salt diet that meets your sodium needs while ensuring optimum health.

How can we help you?

We, at Apollo Clinic, have the requisite expertise and experience to recommend a low sodium diet that is balanced and healthy. Depending on the family and health history, sodium requirements vary from individual to individual. Listed below are some general guidelines to ensure that your diet has healthy sodium levels:   

Have a balanced diet – Eating a variety of food will help balance sodium levels. Try to eat a balanced diet every meal. 

Eat Fresh  – Fresh fruit and vegetables are naturally low in salt. Canned foods generally contain salt to preserve the colour and keep them looking fresh. Always prefer to buy fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, meats, chicken, turkey and fish.  

Check the labels – While buying any food products, look for the following words on the labels: sodium-free, sodium-reduced, low-sodium, no salt added, unsalted. Check the salt content per serving; products with less than 100 mg of salt per serving should be preferred. 

Avoid products high in salt – Processed foods such as hot dogs, sausages, cured or smoked meats, bacon, salami, ham, bologna, pickles, olives, foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG), sauces, juices, cheeses, salad dressings, snack foods, crackers, and chips are always high in salt.               

Replace salt while cooking – While cooking, replace salt with other seasonings such as garlic, lemon, pepper and herbs. Avoid packaged spice blends as they contain salt. Use oil and vinegar in salads. 

Be watchful while eating out – When you go out to eat, go for boiled, steamed, broiled, baked, grilled with no added salt, cheese or sauce. If you think that the restaurant adds MSG to their preparations, ask them to avoid it. 

Apollo Support

At Apollo Clinic, our team of qualified and registered dieticians will first assess your nutrition requirements to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Based on the assessment, we will provide a customised pregnancy diet chart that details the required calorie intake, pregnancy foods to have, foods to avoid, meal timings, cooking methods after considering your current lifestyle. 

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