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5 Easy Ways To Stay Tuned With Your Blood Sugar Profile

So how to stay in touch with your blood sugar profile? How to maintain a healthy and balanced blood sugar level? Worry not, we have got you covered. We have listed 5 easy ways to help you stay tuned with your blood sugar level and maintain a healthy and balanced blood sugar level.


We know how hectic life can become and how hard it is to find time for yourself but working out can really help increase insulin action, keeping your blood sugar in check. So, squeeze exercise time in your busy schedule and exercise daily. Join a gym or do yoga at home or think about something you have always wanted to do like swimming, dancing or sports etc.

Avoid the devil: Carbs

No, don’t cut down on them. We are not suggesting you to go on a keto diet but yes cut down on your carb intake. Eat half instead of one whole potato, reduce the quantity of your white rice or instead consume brown rice. Eat more leafy and green vegetables, consume more fruits and salad, trust us you’d thank us later.

Water Water Water

Cure of every illness or disease, water! Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps you keep your blood sugar level in limits. Not only does it prevent dehydration, but it also helps your kidney urinate excess blood sugar. Also, not drinking enough water can cause overweight and weight gain.

Implementing portion control

Portion control helps monitor calorie intake and leads to weight loss which helps you control your blood sugar level.

  • Use small plates
  • Avoid eating oily and junk food
  • Eat slowly
  • Munch on to green and leafy vegetables.

Have your beauty sleep

Poor sleeping habits may also lead to abnormal blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity. Make sure to sleep 7-8 hours each day.

Apart from following a good and healthy lifestyle, it is important to monitor your blood sugar level on a daily basis and consult a doctor when necessary.

How to check blood sugar level?

There are various blood sugar meters and strips available at local pharmacies. All you need to do is prick your finger with a sharp needle known as lancet and put a drop of blood on the test strip. Then carefully place the strip on the test meter and it would show your blood sugar level. For a non-diabetic person, a fasting blood sugar after waking up should be under 100 mg/dl.

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