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Sunitha Mitra

Gives The Confidence Of Being In The Care Of Experts


Completely guided in each and every section to complete the test in a friendly environment.

Pabbathi Teja

Better Way Of Communicating With Patients

Ajay Eldho Alias

All checks moved smoothly on time, the staff is very help full and caring, didn't need to ask any doubt to anyone, they came to ask any doubt to any one, they came to each and every patients and helping for next procedure step by step thank you so much to all


Availability Of Good Doctors And Prompt Attandance

Varun Jain

cleanass of the hospitel and everything is done on time without delay. -Nizampet

Waeseem Hussain

Ambience is pleasing with cooperative and skilled staff and doctors. - Apollo Clinic, Nallakunta


Clean, spacious facility and good service. good doctor consultation. - Apollo Clinic, Kondapur

Venkat Thammak

Clean and courteius staff. good equipment. - Apollo Clinic, Kondapur


Good ambiance and cleanliness courtesy of staff makes all the difference - Apollo Clinic, AS Rao Nagar