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Ear pain, also known as otalgia or an earache, is a pain in the ear which originates either from internal or external causes.

Eye pain refers to the stabbing, burning, throbbing, aching in or around the eye or eyes. It is commonly a symptom of a number of different health problems, depending on the type and severity of a pain. You may also experience other symptoms along with the eye pain that can help diagnose the cause of the condition. These symptoms include- a headache, decreased vision, red and bloodshot eyes, the feeling that there is something in your eyes, discharge, light sensitivity, tears, and conjunctivitis. In most cases, eye pain can be treated using simple home remedies, however, if you begin experiencing symptoms such as- a severe pain which makes it impossible to touch the eye, sudden or dramatic vision change, eye pain accompanied by vomiting- you must seek immediate medical attention.