The average gap between two periods is around 28 days. If your periods are often delayed by more than a week then you could be suffering from oligomenorrhea. This is the medical term for the common condition of irregular periods. The causes for irregular periods can be many – thyroid disorders, stress, travel, excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine, etc. Here are some foods that can help you treat irregular periods.

  1. Ginger

From getting rid of cold to improving digestion, ginger seems to be the number one health spice. But this Vitamin C and magnesium-rich food can come to your rescue in case of irregular periods too.Everyday indulges in some ginger tea if nibbling on ginger is too hard a task. It helps contracting the uterus which facilitates in kick-starting the period. Add a bit of jaggery as a sweetener to your ginger tea for better results.

  1. Papaya

Eating papaya on a regular basis too helps in contracting the uterus muscles. Apart from producing heat in the body, the fruit contains carotene. This substance stimulates or regulates that estrogen hormone levels in the body. Naturally, this induces periods or menses more frequently. No wonder, it is advised to abstain from this fleshy fruit during pregnancy.

  1. Pineapple

Dr Vandana Khanijo, Vimannagar , Pune opines, “Apart from flushing out unfertilized eggs, menstrual blood is mainly the result of the uterus wall shedding. That is why eating foods that help shed the uterus lining or soften it are vital.” Pineapple is one such fruit as it contains the enzyme bromelain. Moreover, this tangy fruit also helps in the generation of red and white blood cells. This implies an improved blood flow.

  1. Parsley

This herb may be very similar to coriander but has slightly different properties. Since ages parsley has been used as an emmenagogue i.e. a herb that increases the profusion of blood flow in the pelvic area.Don’t forget to include boiled parsley water or parsley tea to your daily liquid diet.

  1. Carom seeds

Once again, apart from clearing your bowels, this is yet another spice that can work miracles with your menstrual cycle. Gulping down a glass of boiled water with carom seeds or ajwain, helps stimulate the uterus effectively. The best part is that its anti-spasmodic qualities help in preventing menstrual cramps and pains as well.

Apart from adopting these effective, easy and home-based methods, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. Getting medical treatment from an expert as per your unique body type and condition is vital. Moreover, the problem is half solved only when the root cause of the issue is diagnosed. Which is why we recommend you visit a renowned gynaecologist at Apollo Clinic for all problems or doubt you may have regarding periods. Find your nearest Apollo Clinic right now:

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