Staying healthy is not only about eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. It also has a lot to do with adopting hygienic and clean habits or routines. Here are some simple yet essential ways in which you can add to your hygiene and become healthier.

  1. Keep your hands clean to keep away illnesses

Our hands touch a dozen things a day and come into contact with a million germs. 26000 different bacteria can be found just on a single currency note. That’s why, always spare at least 15 seconds to wash and rub your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating, after using the toilet, after returning home from public places, etc. Drying your hands after washing is also very important. It removes the residual germs to a great extent.

  1. Floss to improve oral hygiene

Apart from brushing your teeth every day, flossing is also needed daily to remove the plaque between the teeth properly. Otherwise the chances of cavity build-up and gum diseases increase. But make sure to use the dental floss carefully to avoid gum damage.

  1. Regularly clean your Belly Button

According to Dr. Ashok Singh, Apollo Family Physician, Uppal, “Researchers have found out that there could be 60 types of bacteria living in an unclean navel.  And the navel is situated at a very sensitive part of the abdomen since it’s very close to the vital organs. That is why, to avoid infections it’s necessary to remove the dirt and sweat from it on a regular basis.” You could use cotton buds and soapy water to make your belly button germ-free. Don’t forget to rinse it with water at the end. For stubborn dirt, use oil to clean.

  1. Sharing is not always caring

It might seem harmless to use your friend’s earphones when you have forgotten yours but this can lead to middle ear infections, fungus growth, swimmer’s ear, etc. Ear wax is sticky and moist, thus making it a perfect spot for dirt and germs to accumulate. Similarly, avoid sharing make-up products with others and reduce your chances of contracting oral herpes, conjunctivitis, rashes, etc. People may look healthy but can actually host germs.

  1. Your feet too need attention

Change your socks daily and sun your footwear frequently. This will lessen the chances of fungal and bacterial growth in them that can harm your skin. Also, do soak your feet in warm water, once a week, to get rid of toxins collected in the pores. Add lemon juice or tea tree oil to the water for more benefits.

  1. Maintain menstrual hygiene

Have a separate set of panties to be used at that time of the month. Wash blood stained clothes in warm water infused with a disinfectant. Also, wash yourself properly every time you change your pad. These steps can help you keep infections at bay. 

  1. Avoid eating uncooked food outside

Eating salads is healthy but only if the fruits and vegetables are washed properly. Otherwise it can lead to stomach infections, diarrhoea and food poisoning.  Moreover, it’s safer to eat cooked food outside since the heat kills a lot of the germs but raw foods don’t have this benefit.

Following these simple and easy steps can surely bring in more hygiene in your life. So don’t forget to incorporate these personal hygiene tips for a healthy future.

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