Breast cancer is one of the deadly diseases observed in women. Today, the number of patients affected by breast cancer is high compared to the stats of 2018-19. This means, approximately, 1 in 8 women are diagnosed or will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. And sadly, 1 in 39 women also die from breast cancer. Though the numbers are depressing, taking proper measures can prevent the occurrence of and thereby controlling the disease. The following steps will help you to protect yourself from breast cancer.

So, what are the preventive measures to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women?

Precautions and control measures for breast cancer can be taken at two phases. One – when you are healthy and have detected no breast cancer. The other – when you have a high risk of breast cancer

Precautions to be taken to avoid breast cancer:

  • Get a Mammogram test done – women aged 35 and above should have a mammogram test done at least once every year. You can visit your doctor to conduct a mammogram. A doctor can help you be aware of the benefits and risks of breast cancer screening, from which you can choose the right test for you.
  • A self-breast examination for breast awareness – there are several self-examination tests for breast cancer that can be done at home by you. By getting familiar with your breasts, you can be aware of the changes that happen to your breasts, which can then be informed to the doctor at the earliest.
  • Have your breasts examined by a doctor – if you find any unusual changes in your breast, consult your doctor immediately. A doctor can give clear clarifications and solutions to all your worries.
  • Limit the alcohol intake – if you are an alcoholic, try limiting the amount to no more than one drink a day. Studies have shown that alcohol can increase breast cancer risk by damaging the DNA in cells. So when compared to women who don’t drink at all, women who consume alcoholic drinks weekly basis have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer.
  • Practice daily workout – making a habit of doing a physical exercise for at least 30 minutes can save your extra money on hospital charges. It can also keep your body fit and active.
  • Eat healthily – it is always good to choose a healthy diet when it comes to taking preventive measures against cancer and other cancerous diseases. Studies show that women who ate a diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil and mixed nuts had reduced the risk of breast cancer than those who took high-fat foods. Diets rich in plant-based foods, along with other essential nutrient supplements can keep you healthy.

Preventive measures against breast cancer in late-stage:

  • If your family history shows a record of breast cancer or any other cancerous factors, you can consult your doctor for preventive medications, known as chemoprevention.
  • Preventive surgery to remove your healthy breasts is one way you can get rid of breast cancer when you are at high risk of breast cancer.

After 35, women should have a quarterly check of their breasts and overall health. By doing so you can save your life and money as well. Apart from the clinical tests and screening, these healthy tips can be done at home without spending much. Women always take less care of their health because they are busy taking care of their families. So ladies, please spend some time on your health, or else you will be too late to find some time for yourself.

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