Hair fall can get quite disturbing, though it is a normal part of life. It is experienced by all of us on a daily basis. I’m going to help you understand how much of hair fall is normal in a day and when should you really start to worry about it and start seeking treatments.

Hair loss on daily basis

Just like we to lose old and dead skin on a regular basis it is also vital to lose old and dead hair on a regular basis (not to forget hair is made of dead material called keratin).

Hair loss is a part of the natural hair growth cycle and is an essential part of growing new and healthy hair.

Each hair follicle goes through a longer growing phase (Anagen) followed by short period of  resting phase(catagen) during which the hair follicle is still attached to the scalp but it is no longer active. It then enters the falling phase (telogen) and once the old hair sheds it creates a space for a new hair follicle to grow.

That’s why many of us notice hair while we are washing our hair, while applying oil on scalp,on the pillow after waking up.(THAT SHOULD HAVE BROUGT A RELIEF TO LOT OF US )

Many factors determine this pattern of growth and shedding of the hair follicle.

For example -Genetics play a role in the pattern of hair growth – we notice few people say “i have thin hair structure from my childhood or from when I’m born ” .

-Age -As we age hair follicles can stop generating  hair and spend more time in the resting phase – which can lead to thinning and more scalp visibility in the older.

Daily hair loss is a normal part of the hair growth phase and the average person is thought to lose between 50-70 hair each day.But remember this can vary from person to person and also according to age , gender and other factors like genetics.As a result you might notice more hair shedding on the days you wash your hair and less the rest of the days and some days none.

If you start noticing you’re losing more hair than normal that could be due to many other factors and you would need to seek medical advise and treatment for the same.

How to know if your hairfall is normal ?

It is very difficult to physically count every hair follicle that sheds from your scalp and  check if it is within the average 50-70 hair.

 I recommend you to monitor your scalp or hairline, take pictures of the same so that you can review them over time and this way you’ll be able to see if your hair is looking thinner, or if it is receding.

Females can notice a widening in the partition on serial pictures (i.e. there is an increase in the space when you make partition in the midline of scalp).Males can see recession in the hair line backwards.

Thinning of the crown (can be in both females and males.)

When you start to notice the difference it might be a good idea to consider visiting your nearest dermatologist at the earliest.

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