Children as well as adults are exposed to multiple environmental factors that result into both suffering from a number of common diseases. Though the intensity may vary among different age groups, symptoms and treatments are almost the same. In case your child is diagnosed with any of such serious symptoms, you must consult a pediatrician who would suggest you what treatment options would be suitable for your child.

Here are some of the common diseases observed among both children as well as adults:

  • RSV

It stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It results into bronchiolitis and pneumonia, which are commonly observed both in children as well as adults. Infections of RSV usually begin with flu-like symptoms that include fever, cough and runny nose. Majority of children with RSV develop noticeable wheezing, while very few cases require hospitalization. Infections of RSV are usually mild in adults or older children.

  • Ear infection

Ear infection is caused by the presence of a virus or bacterium inside the middle ear. It may occur as an effect of some other illness such as a flu, cold or allergy. This leads to swelling and congestion of the nasal passage, throat or Eustachian tubes. Young children are more prone to ear infections because of the small size of their auditory tubes.

  • Hand-foot and mouth disease

It is a disease that forms blisters on the hand, foot and the inside of the mouth, and is accompanied with fever. It is usually caused by infection of cox sickie virus A16 that belongs to a group of virus known as non-polio enterovirus. Most of the cases are not serious and may usually last for 10 days.

  • Slapped cheek syndrome

It is an infection caused by virus named human parvovirus B19. This results into a bright red “slapped” appearance on the skin. Rashes can also be found on the arms, legs or torso. It is commonly found in children but may appear in adults too.

  • Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki disease is commonly found in children and rarely in adults. Children affected are mostly under the age of 5. Symptoms include patches of rash, high and prolonged fever, chapped lips, swelling of hands and feet.

  • Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a contagious disease observed in both children as well as adults which is characterized by the appearance of itchy rashes all over the skin along with fever, fatigue and body ache. Symptoms are worse for adults than in children. Chances of serious complications are rare, and are more common in adults than children. Vaccination is the best way for prevention against chickenpox.

  • Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a common infection that affects both children and adults. It is also known as pertussi. In adults, it results into violent and uncontrollable coughing fits, making it difficult to breath, sleep or eat. In children, it makes coughing so hard that children run out of breath and may tend to inhale with a whoop.

If you or your children are suffering from any of the diseases you must visit a pediatric centre or talk to a pediatrician regarding the required treatments. For further queries about common diseases in adults, you may consult a doctor and get all your doubts and queries solved.

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