Thyroid disease is described as the improper functioning of the thyroid gland, which is located on the back of the neck. The various types of thyroid problems are hypothyroidism (insufficient production of thyroid hormone), hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormone production), goiter, thyroiditis (inflammation of thyroid gland) and thyroid cancer.

While it is true that the primary causative factor for thyroid disorder is a hormonal imbalance, certain lifestyle practices, habits and even a few things around us that can trigger thyroid abnormalities in our body.

Here are a few everyday things at our home that can cause thyroid diseases and they are:

1. Dental Floss

Dental floss is coated with chemicals that aid in tooth cleaning. These chemicals may also cause thyroid problems.

2. Non-Stick Cookware

Nowadays non-stick pans and pots are used widely for cooking. These non-stick utensils are coated with chemicals which are known to cause thyroid hormonal imbalance.

3. Raincoats

The chemicals which are used during the manufacturing of raincoat are known to cause thyroid problems when coming in contact with your mouth or skin.

4. Popcorn Bags

Dr. Anish Behl, Endocrinologist, Apollo clinic Mysore, warns against the use of microwaveable popcorn bags. He explains that such the chemical coating inside the bag breakdown on heating and produces a chemical substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) which can cause thyroid cancer.

5. Carpetperfluorooctanoic (PFOA)s

A dusty or unclean carpet could be one of the reasons for thyroid problems.

6. Flame retardants

Flame-retardant chemicals are found in television & computer screens, in the foam used for furniture and carpeting padding. In several studies, flame retardants have been found to retard thyroid gland functioning.

7. Plastic utensils

Few chemical found in plastics have been shown to decrease thyroid function. These chemicals leach from plastic into your drinks and food that you consume.

8. Products containing antibacterial agents

Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical found in soaps, lotions, and toothpaste. One recent study found that triclosan had an adverse effect on thyroid hormones secretion.

9. Paper plates

Paper cups and plates are coated with nonstick chemicals to prevent moisture leakage. These chemicals may cause thyroid diseases.

10. Products containing PFCs

Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are found in pizza boxes, takeout containers, and mattress. This chemical could affect thyroid function if they accumulate in blood in high concentration.

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