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Health Tips

Avoid urinary infections

Avoid urinary infections by staying hydrated, maintaining hygiene of intimate areas, stopping to avoid the urge to urinate, and wearing airy and cotton undergarments.

Asthma triggers

Factors like family history of asthma, personal history of skin allergies, overweight, the habit of smoking, and exposure to high concentration of fumes, gasses, and triggers at the workplace can trigger asthma disease in you. Try to maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, and reduce exposure to tr..

Puberty and teenage obesity

Abrupt weight gain can be seen in teenagers undergoing puberty due to hormonal changes. So keep a check on their diet and encourage them to remain physically active. Do not hesitate to consult a dietician to learn about proper diet plans.

Plantar fasciitis: The severe pain in the heels

To get rid of plantar fasciitis pain, do foot stretching exercise, avoid wearing high heels, lose weight, and get yourself checked for vitamin B12 deficiency and treat it if necessary.

Smoking and heart disease

Smoking, as well as exposure to second-hand smoke, increases the risk of heart diseases by aggravating the atherosclerosis process, increasing cholesterol levels in the body, and precipitating high blood pressure. So quit smoking for your own good and to safeguard your loved ones from the second-han..

Benefits of good dental hygiene

Healthy teeth and oral cavity prevent tooth cavities, stop immature tooth loss, freshen up your breath, boost overall health, and save money. So do not forget to brush your teeth and clean your tongue twice a day.

Stay away from constipation

To stay away from frequent constipation; drink plenty of water, eat fibre-rich food, avoid junk food, stop ignoring the urge, and remain stress-free.

Correct way to take blood pressure medicines

Never miss a dose of your blood pressure medicine and never change or stop your medicines without consulting a doctor.

Everyday things which can cause skin allergy

Everyday items such as artificial jewelry, metallic buttons and zippers, cosmetics, detergents, hair dyes, old books, stuffed toys, condoms, and woolen clothes can cause skin allergy. Identify your allergen and avoid them.

Get vaccinated before traveling

Ensure that you and your family are aptly vaccinated as per the government guidelines for diseases like hepatitis A, yellow fever, meningitis, typhoid and other before traveling to any foreign location.

Get checked for dengue

Although dengue initially appears as regular fever, it can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. So get checked for dengue as soon as your fever crosses 100

Correct way to apply mosquito repellent

Apply mosquito repellent at the end after applying moisturizer and sunscreen, avoid the application on open wounds, cuts, and near eyes.

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